SIF Pipeline

Foresee Pharma has developed a stabilized injectable formulation (SIF) platform technology that enables the development of tailor-made controlled release drug delivery systems for small molecules, peptides, and proteins. The technology satisfies an otherwise unmet need in drug delivery.

The SIF drug delivery system consists of biodegradable materials dissolved in biocompatible solvents and a bioactive agent that is modified to achieve optimal formulation stability and release profile. The enhanced stability allows the formulation to be pre-filled into a ready-to-use syringe with a suitable storage shelf-life. The fill-finished product can be conveniently administered to patients via a small gauge needle to form a depot in situ.

The bioactive agent encapsulated in the depot is then released in a controlled manner through diffusion and biodegradation of the depot matrix. The SIF drug delivery system can be designed to achieve a customized controlled-release profile over a period ranging from days to months. To date, the SIF delivery system has been demonstrated its applications to small molecules and peptides, including in Foresee's approved and launched product CAMCEVI®.

SIF Delivery System