SIF Pipeline

Foresee has developed its unique Stabilized Injectable Formulation (SIF) Long-Acting Injectable (LAI) technology with derived drug products targeting specialty markets. The SIF–LAI technology enables development of the tailor-made controlled-release drug delivery system for small molecule, peptide and proteins drugs.

Foresee’s SIF LAI business unit product portfolio includes commercial, late stage and early-stage programs, namely CAMCEVI® 42 mg which generates revenues in the US, with upcoming launches across other key regions, including Europe. Additionally, regulatory submissions are being prepared for CAMCEVI® 21 mg. Foresee is also conducting a Phase 3 registration study (Casppian study) in order to launch a distinct brand for central precocious puberty (CPP), potentially with distinct partners with expertise in the endocrinology/rare disease space. Additionally, Foresee’s licensing partner of China, has been initiated a Phase 3 clinical trial of CAMCEVI® 42 mg in premenopausal breast cancer in China.

Following closely behind, and leveraging the depth of expertise and experience from Camcevi®, Foresee is planning to develop FP-014, three and six month long-acting ready-to-use subcutaneous syringes of SIF-triptorelin. Beyond the LHRH/GnRH space, Foresee is also developing a LAI portfolio of neurology/psychiatry drugs, currently at preclinical stage, targeting significant commercial opportunities.

The SIF–LAI technology can significantly improve the stability of the drug delivery system using suitable excipients. The enhanced stability allows the formulation, such as CAMCEVI® 42 mg, to be pre-filled in an injection syringe, to have a satisfactory shelf life, to waive mixing prior to use, and to be free from occlusion in needle, all of which ease the injection for patients.

SIF Delivery System