Business Model

FP is striving to develop pharmaceutical products that will improve the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases and other medical conditions. FP develops products through an efficient commercial infrastructure to avoid large capital investment in laboratories and overhead. This enables FP to be highly flexible and adaptive to change. FP grows revenue through capitalizing proprietary drug discovery and delivery technologies to develop and commercialize new and differentiated drug products to address unmet medical and market needs. FP focuses on projects with relatively low risk and strong IP protection. At appropriate development stage, each product can be partnered with or licensed to a reputable company to accelerate development and commercialization. This will allow FP to maximize the product benefits for patients and clinicians as well as investment return for shareholders.

FP adds clinical utility to known therapeutic agents by using its technology to improve product profiles. The Company’s core competencies are built around its technology and support activities related to advancing and deriving value from that technology. FP’s strategy is to develop its small molecule and peptide products independently starting with reformulation and extending through approval. The Company intends to collaborate with commercialization partners to promote its products in the marketplace. In parallel, FP will continue to refine its technology to expand to include large peptides and proteins the set of therapeutic agents whose profiles can be improved by reformulation using its technology. The Company’s intent is to develop an initial set of small molecule and peptide products that can reach the market within 4 years, partner those products, and in parallel and within the same timeframe, build a pipeline of next-generation products based on extension of the technology to large peptides and proteins. FP will also further develop the MMP-12 inhibitors and demonstrate the proof-of-principle of using these inhibitors to treat patients with asthma, COPD, Alport Syndrome and other indications. At an appropriate development stage, MMP-12 inhibitor products will be partnered with or licensed to a reputable company for further development and commercialization.