Business Model

Foresee is striving to develop pharmaceutical products that will improve the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases and other medical conditions. Foresee develops products through an efficient commercial infrastructure to avoid large capital investment in laboratories and overhead. This enables Foresee to be highly flexible and adaptive to change. Foresee grows revenue through capitalizing proprietary drug discovery and delivery technologies to develop and commercialize new and differentiated drug products to address unmet medical and market needs. Foresee focuses on projects with relatively low risk and strong IP protection. At appropriate development stage, each product will be partnered with or licensed to a reputable company to accelerate development and commercialization. This will allow Foresee to maximize the product benefits for patients and clinicians as well as investment return for shareholders.

Foresee's SIF technology is applied to known therapeutic drugs to enhance the product profiles, thereby increasing the clinical utility. Foresee's core competence is built on leveraging its technological advantage to develop various small molecule and peptide products, with the goal of obtaining product approvals for market entry, and collaborating with commercial partners to expedite product sales. To date, the SIF delivery system has demonstrated its applications in Foresee's approved and launched product CAMCEVI®. Foresee has also completed the global licensings of CAMCEVI®. 

In parallel, Foresee will continue to refine its technology to expand to include large peptides and proteins the set of therapeutic agents whose profiles can be improved by reformulation using its technology. Foresee will also keep on developing its NCE pipeline in relation to MMP-12 inhibitors and ALDH2 activators by demonstrating the proof-of-mechanism.